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Is Imran Khan now a NOBODY in Pakistan?

Is Prime Minister Imran Khan now a NOBODY in Pakistan?

Three developments on a single day (Sept 2, 2019)

Addressing a gathering of the Sikh community #ImranKhan said:  “We will never ever start the war. Both Pakistan and India are nuclear powers and if tension escalates the world will face danger. War is not a solution to any problem.”

“There will be no first use of nuclear weapons from our side ever.” He has declared.

A few hours later, Pakistan’s foreign ministry clarified;  Prime Minister’s  comment was being taken “out of context”; There was “no change in nuclear policy” of Pakistan.

Pakistan’s Railways Minister #SheikhRasheed: “I speak about war because the agenda of [Prime Minister Narendra] Modi is to destroy Pakistan. The army has kept me here to speak on the preparations for war. I am saying it with utmost responsibility that Pakistan has smart bombs.”

Are #ImranKhan’s days numbered?

Will Railway Minister #SheikhRasheed replace him?


Devendra Narain



Devendra Narain

Hello, my name is Devendra Narain. I live in Gurugram, Haryana, India. I write serious blogs as well as satires on challenges before us.

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