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Congress Election Manifesto 2024, a result of mental bankruptcy

The nominal Congress President sandwiched between the two owners of the party

Congress Election Manifesto 2024, a result of mental bankruptcy

Just two examples are sufficient.

(a)         Rs.1 lakh per annum to every poor family
The manifesto promises Rs.1 lakh per annum to every poor family. How much does that mean? Today, the government is giving free ration to 80 crore people. They are the poor people. Assuming every family has five members, there are 16 crore poor families. That means the annual outgo from the budget will be Rs 16 lakh crore, almost equal to the entire collection of direct taxes. Where will the money come from for development projects and defence?

(b) ‘jitani abadi utana haq’

The manifesto promises a socio-economic survey to find out how much income and wealth every Indian has but is silent about follow-up action. The gap has been filled by the ‘wisest’ and most powerful man in Congress, Rahul Gandhi. He has declared ‘jitani abadi utana haq’, meaning every caste’s entitlement will be proportional to its share in the population. Entitlement to what? Wealth? Education? Job? Entrepreneurship? Start-up? Discovery and invention? Sounds too bizarre.

Any indication of redistribution of wealth – to which Prime Minister Modi has been referring in his election speeches -will lead to flight of capital from the country. All those who can manage will transfer their wealth and business where taxes are low. No Indian businessman will think of expanding his business. When the rich taxpayers are gone, only the middle class will be left. Their wealth will be redistributed. Surely, that will drastically reduce the gap between rich and poor. In fact, there will be no rich left. Who will then pay taxes to the government? Only the salaried class and small and middle level businessmen who cannot run away.

Under the present Constitution, such a redistribution is not possible. Recently, the Supreme Court ruled out a ‘Marxist interpretation’ of wealth redistribution. Will the Constitution be amended? Will it be possible to amend the Constitution?

The brainless fellows who prepared the Congress Manifesto and their supreme leader must not have realised their mistakes.

The only silver lining is that these brainless fellows have no chance of coming to power to destroy the economy and society.

Devendra Narain

Hello, my name is Devendra Narain. I live in Gurugram, Haryana, India. I write serious blogs as well as satires on challenges before us.

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