The Great Chameleons of Indian politics

The Great Chameleons of Indian politics

Watching the changing make-up of the politicians, I was often reminded of a 1962 hit Hindi film “Professor” starring Shammi Kapoor and Lalita Pawar.

Lalita Pawar, a strict guardian of two young girls and two school children needed a tutor. Unemployed graduate Shammi Kapoor who was in dire need of a job, applied but Lalita Pawar rejected him because she wanted a person above 50 to teach young girls. Shammi disguised himself as an elderly person and became their “Professor”. Gradually, he fell in love with one of the girls. As a tutor, he would come as an elderly person and as a lover he would appear in his original form.

The “Professor” was behaving like a chameleon. A chameleon changes its colour match its surroundings. The word chameleon is also used to describe a person who changes his personality depending on whom he has to meet. In the film, “Professor” was also changing his getup depending on whom he was going to meet.

However, it would be unfair to call the “professor” a chameleon. He had to appear as an elderly person for his survival. When you call a human being “chameleon”, you are not charitable to him.

There is no need to be charitable to our politicians. Unlike the “Professor” they don’t change their getup due to poverty. They change their colour to mislead voters for their selfish goal i.e. political power.

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry when I see a politician known for being “secular” (that to him or her means being anti-Hindu), suddenly becoming a devout Hindu, visiting temples and reciting Hanuman Chalisa. When they are confident of support of Hindu voters but want Muslim voters also in the “vote bank”, they offer namaj and recite kalama. The moment they realise that they might alienate Hindu voters, they become Hindus.

Below is a pictorial presentation of such the great chameleons of Indian politics.

Readers will decide who is the winner

AAP & Kejriwal







Members of Nehru-Gandhi dynasty




Mamata Banerjee



Devendra Narain


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